Job Opportunities at Actions for Development Programmes ADP Mbozi

Job Opportunities at Actions for Development Programmes ADP Mbozi Actions for Development Programmes – Mbozi (ADP-Mbozi) is a registered national NGO with its headquarters based in Vwawa, Songwe region. The organization was officially registered on 10th October 2005 under Non Governmental Organization’s  (NGO) Act number 24 of 2002, section 11(3) Act. Originally the organization was   registered under the Trustees Incorporation Ordinance Cap. 375 on 29th November 1995 after operating for ten years as an agricultural development project from 1986 to 1995. The organization is working in Southern Highlands of Tanzania targeting smallholder farmers, orphans and vulnerable children, youths, widows and widowers.

ADP-Mbozi envisions rural and urban communities attaining livelihood security and sustainably managing their resources.

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When you are applying for a role with ADP Mbozi, please ensure that you provide us with details of your work experience and some detail around your responsibilities with the role specified.

All jobs close at midnight GMT on the date specified.

Vacancy: Three Nutritionists/Horticulturalists for KIBOWAVI Project at ADP Mbozi

Location: Songwe, Mbeya and Katavi regions.

Contract:        Full time

Closing date: Friday – 13th Match 2020

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Job Opportunities at Actions for Development Programmes ADP Mbozi OBJECTIVES

  1. To facilitate socio-economic empowerment of marginalized rural and urban communities in Southern Highlands of Tanzania through promotion of improved agriculture production and food utilization, entrepreneurship and market development, addressing challenges of environment and community empowerment on gender, HIV and AIDS and good governance. Moreover the organization will strive to strengthen its internal capacity in order to implement successfully the  mentioned focus areas.
  2. To contribute towards improving the quality of life of marginalized families in Southern highlands of Tanzania through increased household food and Nutrition security, income and livelihood assets
  3. To ensure that food insecure households in southern Highlands of Tanzania have sufficient food throughout the year.
  4. To promote appropriate food utilization
  5. Increase access to safe, adequate and sustainable Water services supply for community
  6. To promote hygiene and sanitation in the community
  7. To prevent and/or reduce the effect of climate change
  8. To sensitize community members so as to improve gender equity and equality,  reduce impact of HIV and AIDS and improve good governance and accountability
  9. To build the capacity of community members to take care of marginalized groups in their locality such as MVC, people infected with HIV
  10. To promote and stimulate exchange of knowledge and experiences between target groups, professionals and others involved in fighting against poverty.
  11. Collaborate with local, national and international public and private institutions pursuing aims and objectives similar to those of ADP Mbozi

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