NACTE Cancelled Registration Of Seven Colleges

NACTE Cancelled Registration Of Seven Colleges | MUST READ

The National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) is a corporate body established by the National Council for Technical Education Act, 1997 (Act No. 9 of 1997). The Act provides a legal framework for the Council to coordinate provision of technical education and training and establish an efficient national qualifications system that will ensure that products from technical institutions are of high quality and respond to changing needs as well as technological innovations in the world.


Technical education in this context is defined as “education and training undertaken by students to equip them to play roles requiring higher levels of skills, knowledge and understanding and in which they take responsibility for their areas of specialization”. NACTE is thus, a multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral body empowered to oversee and coordinate the provision of technical education and training in Tanzania.


The National Council for Vocational Education NACTE has cancel the registration of seven colleges which have been proven to conduct training without meeting criteria and procedures.

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In a statement to the press, NACTE’s Operations Director, Dr Geofrey Olekh, said the aim is to enroll colleges so that enrollment is to complete procedures to provide effective education to Tanzanians.


See full list below…

The list of canceled colleges includes the following:-

  • ERA Training College – Bukoba (REG / TLF / 095),
  • Azania College of Management – Dar es Salaam (REG / BMG / 021),
  • Time School of Journalism – Dar es Salaam (REG / PWF / 013),
  • Clever College – Dar es Salaam (REG / BTP / 205P) and
  • Aces College of Economic Science – Mwanakwerewe, Zanzibar (REG / BPT / 081P).

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